Our Talent Acquisition Approach

  • We develop a search strategy that includes traditional search and innovative social media methods, comprehensive profiling and up-to-date global market intelligence.
  • We delve into our extensive experience and tap into our talent networks and ensure a sound investment in the persons put forward.
  • We devise, together with our partner, the contract, the benefits and the steps required for completion and onboarding.
  • We dedicate an account manager from our expert team to guide partner and candidates each step of the way.

Aspire’s Selection Process

Aspires selection process is rigorous and ongoing; many points are revisited before submitting any profile. All aspects of the talent acquisition process and candidate experience are digital, managed on our fully-integrated, cloud-based systems.

Technical screening, profiling and referencing are the industry standard, but at Aspire we also incorporate additional steps to ensure any candidate hired works effectively fulfilling our partner’s expectations. Our digitised process not only enables a professional experience to the candidate but allows us to provide to the partner easy access to information on progress, timelines and market data.

Work environment vs. work experience

We qualify the type of work the candidate and contractor delivers, their ability to work with others, their success, their direct involvement and contribution.

Cost vs. budget, availability vs. scheduled start

Assessing the candidate’s cost versus the budget provided and qualifying the time it would take them to join.

Employment history and past performance

This includes verifying tenure, promotions and any gaps in employment.

Character and cultural assessment to partner and location criteria

We check whether their personality, attitude, temperament, beliefs and professional objectives are in sync with our partner and would in no way affect their job performance and they can abide by the local laws.

Technical Testing

We regularly technically test candidates, either with predetermined tests and challenges defined by the partner or via online testing tools. Typically we administer and record the test on behalf of our partners.


We provide 2 work references from selected candidates before offer. We can conduct the reference check, or provide our partner with the referee details.

Professional certificates and education credentials

We can request copies of professional and educational certificates, as well as suggest if and when documents should be attested.

Social media checks

We conduct background checks on candidate’s social media accounts; such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, to ensure their views and beliefs are not in conflict with our partner’s, the culture and the country they would be living in.

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