Artificial Intelligence: A new way forward for Saudi Arabia

10 May 2022

A step away from traditional oil and gas, a step towards the future.


Saudi Arabia has rightfully earned the reputation of being expertly innovative, eager to adapt, and highly progressive in recent years.

So it’ll come as no surprise that the Middle Eastern country is beginning to be viewed as a global hub for the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Like many countries, Saudi Arabia depended on oil and gas in the past, making the majority of its money through fossil-fuel-based energy. However, that picture is changing rapidly, and the country is now reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources by adopting an entirely new outlook on tech.

This blog post will walk you through the country’s shift away from fossil fuels, its move towards AI, the experimental city of Neom, and what you can do to be a part of Saudi Arabia’s dynamic future.

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A new era with AI

Adaptive by nature, Saudi Arabia has started to launch investments worth $6.4 billion into future technologies in a bid to keep up with the drastic changes and shifting demands of the world. 

Mapping out what lies ahead for the country as part of the “Vision 2030” strategy, these investments have been made to diversify and future-proof the economy. 

Predictions show that by 2025, we can expect the global revenue generated through AI to increase to around $90 billion, which works out to an average growth of 45% per annum. By 2030, it’s believed that AI will contribute to a 14% growth of global GDP. 

Labelled “the land of opportunity”, Saudi Arabia is living up to its reputation and securing its place as a global leader in life-changing AI technology.

Forward-thinking investment

Abdullah bin Amer Alswaha shared news that Saudi Arabia will be investing a huge $6.4bn in state-of-the-art technology in the coming years to reduce the country’s dependency on oil and gas.

According to Alswaha, these investments will drastically increase the number of open job positions available in Saudi Arabia by between 100,000 to 250,000 roles. Skilled tech professionals will be welcomed to fill them. 

Other uses for the technology investments will go towards funding entrepreneurship, importing tech skills, and innovative technologies to further perpetuate Saudi Arabia’s position as the centre of technological excellence.

An excellent example of this forward-thinking investment is the city of Neom.

Neom is more than a smart city

“Neom” is a name created from a blend of Arabic and Greek to mean “new future”, and will take up around 26,500 km² of an area made up of land from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. This means it’ll be far larger than some of the most populous cities in the world. 

With the first phase of the futuristic city set to be completed by 2025, Neom is being designed with the country’s most experimental approach to date. The project is an inspiration in terms of innovation and excellence for the region. 

From never-before-seen infrastructure to data centres that rival global powerhouses, this city is built entirely around the latest AI technology.

Classified as an independent international zone, Neom doesn’t fall under the judicial system of any of the countries that surround it, making it a city primed for growth and innovation. 

For those looking for a completely new way of life that focuses on the betterment of the planet, The Line is a “belt of hyper-connected future communities” within Neom that aims to preserve 95% of its natural surroundings. Here, a million residents will be living a carbon emission-free lifestyle that includes no cars and no streets. The Line is 170 km long and connects four unique ecologies, with everything you could possibly need within a 5-minute walk of your home. 

When it comes to tourism, it’s no doubt that Neom will have a lot to offer. Trojena will be the first outdoor skiing destination in the GCC with the mountainous terrain set to be transformed into a haven of winter sports. Keep your eyes peeled, this attraction is due to start accepting visitors as soon as 2026! 

Could you help craft the future of AI?

Saudi Arabia has the financial resources to continue to transform itself into a global hub of tech excellence. 

Where better to advance your growing career in tech than in a country that is leading AI innovation? 

Could you be a part of the transformation?

Work on the AI tech of the future that will soon run the city of Neom, or be a part of Saudi Arabia’s mission to reduce its economic reliance on oil and gas. Saudi Arabia has the means to turn your tech dreams into reality.

At Aspire Technology, we help candidates grow their tech careers in countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We walk you through the entire process and help with everything from paper work and taxes to housing and learning about the local culture. While moving to a country you’ve likely never even visited may seem like a risk, we ensure you’re well taken care of and informed. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to explore your options in Saudi Arabia. We’d be happy to give you all the information you need to kickstart this exciting new chapter in your career.