Technology in the UAE: what you need to know

2 Nov 2021
Writen by Aspire Technology

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Technology in the UAE: what you need to know

The UAE is being fast-tracked to be the next big tech area in the world. This is largely because when the UAE makes a move, it does so quickly and methodically. 

Currently, the UAE tech market is worth around $5.5 billion, and it is still rapidly growing. This is due to huge investment in the region from both governments and corporations. The UAE’s strategy for a fourth revolution is strong and it has established a Ministry for Artificial Intelligence, which includes the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031.

To show how quickly the UAE is digitally expanding, it is predicted it will reach around 500 billion internet-connected devices by 2050. To put this into perspective, the global number of connected devices is believed to reach around one trillion by 2030. 

This technological boom is being promoted by the UAE government and the private sector. In coming years, we will see growth in multiple areas in the UAE. Fintech, for starters, is a huge growth area in the region. The Dubai International Financial Centre and the Abu Dhabi Global Market, for example, have created advanced Fintech ecosystems that benefit startups and newly set up businesses as well as established ones.

Two names to keep an eye out for

When it comes to the tech boom in the UAE, there are two names to keep an eye out for. First of all, there is Tawazun Holding in Abu Dhabi, an investment holding company that works with multinational defence companies. The second name is EDGE Group; they are an advanced technology group specialising in disruptive tech for defence. These two groups have companies located in Abu Dhabi focusing specifically on the defence sector. Both of these organisations have companies that we work with in the region.

Dedicated resources to create smart cities

While countries who have taken the lead in technological developments are creating strategies for smart cities, the UAE is not far behind them. The local government has dedicated resources to create smart cities. IESE Business School in Spain ranked Dubai as 4th when it comes to technology for smart cities. It was also ranked number one in the Middle East for technological advancement.

When it comes to business ingenuity, the UAE is fast becoming a world player. So why shouldn’t the region become a top player in technological advancement in all areas from lifestyle tech and fintech to cybersecurity and defence? 

The one issue the region faces is that it doesn’t necessarily have the human talent pool that more technologically advanced nations do. However, this has certainly not stopped the UAE from advancing. Dubai especially is known for importing the skills and talent needed to ensure technological progress.  

By acquiring talent from other countries with more technological know-how, the UAE is able to move forward at a quicker pace than if it were to concentrate on training and skill development locally.

Specialists in the tech sector

 At Aspire Technology, we recruit talent for the UAE (and the Middle Eastern region) and place candidates in ideal roles within the tech sector. We specialise in defence, cyber, healthcare, government, and Fintech within the larger tech industry. If you’re looking to make a career move and are considering working in the Middle East, contact us to discuss your options. We recruit for both contract and permanent positions.